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Т.Мегсон Конструирование летательных аппаратов / T.H.G Megson Aircraft Structures for engineering students

Megson T.H.G
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Т.Мегсон Конструирование летательных аппаратов / T.H.G Megson Aircraft Structures for engineering students

The book is intended for students studying for degrees, Higher National Diplomas and Higher National Certificates in aeronautical engineering and will be found of value to those students in related courses who specialize in structures. The subject matter has been chosen to provide the student with a textbook which will take him from the beginning of the second year of his course, when specialization usually begins, up to and including his final examination. I have arranged the topics so that they may be studied to an appropriate level in, say, the second year and then resumed at a more advanced stage in the final year; for example, the instability of columns and beams may be studied as examples of structural instability at second year level while the instability of plates and stiffened panels could be studied in the final year. In addition, I have grouped some subjects under unifying headings to emphasize their interrelationship; thus, bending, shear and torsion of open and closed tubes are treated in a single chapter to underline the fact that they are just different loading cases of basic structural components rather than isolated topics. I realize however that the modern trend is to present methods of analysis in general terms and then consider specific applications. Nevertheless, I feel that in cases such as those described above it is beneficial for the student’s understanding of the subject to see the close relationships and similarities amongst the different portions of theory.

Aircraft Structures for engineering students

Third Edition

T. H. G. Megson

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