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С.К.Оджа Летные характеристики самолета / S.K.Ojha Flight Performance of Aircraft

Ojha S.K.
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С.К.Оджа Летные характеристики самолета / S.K.Ojha Flight Performance of Aircraft

Flight Performance of Aircraft, by Shiva Kumar Ojha of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, is a welcome addition to aerospace literature. Its comprehensive coverage of the subject of aircraft performance is particularly noteworthy. The text goes beyond the typical topics found in recent textbooks. It pays special attention to the atmosphere and weather conditions that are integral parts of flying. Although this volume was developed as an introductory textbook for undergraduate students in aeronautical engineering, it also will be of interest to pilots and flight test engineers by providing them with the underlying principles behind their operating manuals and procedures.

Performance analyses are discussed for all phases of flight, starting from takeoff, and including climb, cruise, turn, descent, and finally landing. Other topics include engine failure, unpowered flight, and gliding flight for glider aircraft. The mathematical tools needed for the understanding of the subject materials covered in this text do not go beyond solving quadratic equations or first or second derivatives and completing simple integrations sufficient to calculate some of the most important flight parameters, such as liftoff speed, steepest climb angle, fastest climb, tightest turn, or maximum range. Performance analyses are presented for two types of propulsion systems: piston-prop and turbojet. Thus, the performance of both low-speed and high-speed aircraft is covered.

The AIAA Education Series embraces a broad spectrum of theory and application of different disciplines in aerospace, including aerospace design practice. Recently the Series has been expanded to encompass defense science and technology. The Series has been in existence for over 10 years, and its fundamental philosophy to develop texts that serve both as teaching tools for students and reference materials for practicing engineers and scientists remains unchanged.


Flight Performance of Aircraft


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