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W.Peeters Rockwell B-1B Lancer

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W.Peeters Rockwell B-1B Lancer

Immensely complex and very capable, the B-1B Lancer, more commonly known as the BONE (from B-One), incorporates mar technological innovations in airframe, engines and avionics packed into an airframe considerably smaller than that of the B-5 it was intended to replace. Originally designed as a cruise missile-toting strategic bomber, the Bone was heavily criticized fc not participating in Operation Desert Storm - that was probably a good thing, as at the time it was only qualified to delivt nuclear weapons! As a result of the 1994 Nuclear Posture Review, the B-1B dropped its nuclear mission and morphed into a extremely capable conventional weapons delivery platform that acquitted itself brilliantly in Iraq (1998's Operation Dese Fox), Kosovo (1999's Operation Allied Force), Afghanistan (2001 's Operation Enduring Freedom) and Iraq again (2003's Operatic Iraqi Freedom). Survivability is enhanced by a combination of a low radar cross-section (1/69 that of the B-52) that makes hard to detect by enemy radar and defensive avionics to protect it from various threat systems.

The B-1B was designed for intercontinental missions with the aide of aerial refueling, but it can also be fitted with auxiliai fuel tanks in the weapons bay to augment its unrefueled range. Operationally, its ordnance is carried internally, although tr Lancer was designed with eight external stores stations (on six dual and two single pylons) under the fuselage to accommodat 12 AGM-86B Air Launched Cruise Missiles (ACLM) or AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missiles (ACM) but this capability was abandon* as part of the strategic arms agreement with the USSR. In the conventional role the sleek bomber can carry as many as 84 k 82-based 500-lb bombs, 24 Mk 84 or BLU-109-based 2,000-lb bombs, or 30 of any of the Tactical Munitions Dispenser (TMD) base 750-lb Cluster Bomb Units (CBU).

Composing this book wouldn't have been possible without a lot of assistance, for which I am sincerely gratefu I would especially like to thank the following individuals. Capt. David W. Honchul and 1st Lt. Saje Park, who initiated my vis to Dyess AFB, and 1st Lt. Brandon Pollacheck, who took over from them. Thanks also to the servicemen on the flight line and the hangar, especially Tech. Sgt. William E. Burns of the Ordnance Department. I also like to thank Col. Knox Bishop (USAF Ret. former B-1B driver who provided me with invaluable information and entertaining stories. Finally, I would like to thank Chr Woodul for sharing his files and all other photographers for sharing their pictures to make this book complete. Willy Peete

All pictures by Willy Peeters unless otherwise specified
Original layout and texts by Willy Peeters
Text corrections by Jim Rotramel
Final layout by Danny Coremans and Peter Gordts
Photo preparations and pre-press by Danny Coremans

2006 by DACO Publication Provinciestraat 8 2018 Antwerpen - Belgium 

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